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The Sweetener That Destroys Your Gut & How Probiotics Can Help


I received this email today concerning SPLENDA (that little yellow, sugar substitute packet) and the effects it has on our bodies. I bet you didn’t know that Splenda contains chlorine, which kills off the healthy bacteria in your gut. And this heavily processed, chemical artificial sweetener not only damages the bacterial balance of your gut, but this in turn effects every other aspect of your health as well.

But there is a light at the end of this tunnel, especially if you continue to use these artificial sweeteners. You can easily correct these imbalances by simply adding probiotics, either in healthy foods or in supplement form, to your daily diet. Pretty simple, right?

So what is Probiotics? The word “probiotic” is a combination of two Greek words: “pro,” to signify promotion of and “biotic,” which means life. That definition alone is something that affirms life and health. The latest probiotic research suggests that live-active cultures of these friendly bacteria can help to prevent and treat a wide variety of ailments.

Researchers at the Journal of the American Medical Association show “that probiotics were particularly useful against a common gastrointestinal problem: antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). But studies show that probiotics can help with a great deal more — warding off infection and boosting immune systems, as well as helping to improve women’s health and perhaps even fighting obesity.”

What kind of foods should we be eating that will give us the natural intake of these probiotics? It’s as easy as eating these unpasteurized probiotic rich foods:

Plain unflavored yogurt
Kimchi and
Kombucha tea

And what ailments can taking probiotics help you with? Your digestive health, urinary health, allergies, women’s health, immunity, and obesity.

Check out the following link to read more on PROBIOTICS, compliments of Food Matters and the benefits it brings to your body.

And following is the email I received from Mike Geary at TruthAboutAbs.com, that shed the light on the sweetener Splenda. Enjoy the read and cheers to your good health :-)


“This sweetener destroys your gut

Splenda, also known as sucralose, is an artificial, chemical sweetener.

Despite advertisements stating “Made from Sugar, so it Tastes like Sugar”, which attempt to confuse consumers, Splenda is not natural and contains no elements of natural sugar. 

You may also be surprised to learn that Splenda contains chlorine.  Yes, the same chlorine that goes in swimming pools.  And here’s the worst side effect:

Just like chlorine kills off micro-organisms in swimming pools, Splenda and sucralose kill off healthy bacteria that lives in your gut — healthy bacteria that is vitally important to virtually every aspect of your health.

Recently, a study at the University of Duke confirmed this very finding.  Not only is sucralose a heavily-processed, chemical artificial sweetener, but it’s also damaging to your gut health, which goes on to affect every other aspect of your health.

Here’s a direct quote from that study:

”Splenda suppresses beneficial bacteria and directly affects the expression of the transporter P-gp and cytochrome P-450 isozymes that are known to interfere with the bioavailability of nutrients. Furthermore, these effects occur at Splenda doses that contain sucralose levels that are approved by the FDA for use in the food supply.”

Did you know that over 80% of your immune system finds it’s home in your gut?  In fact, there are more than 100 TRILLION living bacteria in your gut that control many aspects of your health, and due to things like the ingestion of artificial sweeteners like Splenda, most folks have created a massive bacterial imbalance in their body.

But, it doesn’t just stop with the use of Splenda or other artificial sweeteners.  Here are some other common items that are contributing to the bacterial imbalances that BILLIONS of folks are silently suffering from all around the world:


*Diet beverages and food items (remember, sucralose is added to MANY foods, beverages, and supplements as a sweetener beyond just those little yellow packets that you may use in your coffee)




*Alcohol consumption

*Processed, packaged foods 

*Certain brands of mouth wash, chewing gum, dishwasher detergent, and toothpaste

*Non-organic fruits and vegetables

*Non-organic meats

*Non-organic dairy products 


If you are in contact with any of these items, it could be contributing to a serious imbalance in your gut bacteria and an overall decline in your health.

What’s more, if you suffer from irregular bowel movements, constipation, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin problems, overall sickness, bad breath, fatigue, urinary tract infections, sugar cravings, and/or an inability to lose weight, these symptoms are a near telltale sign that your gut bacteria is ALREADY severely imbalanced and has literally become a ticking time bomb.

But even worse, here are some of the more serious consequences that can result from gut imbalances left unaddressed:

*Severe irritable bowel syndrome and extreme daily discomfort

*Serious skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis

*A constant battle with ongoing fatigue and low energy levels

*A life full of chronic sickness and pain due to a declining immune system

*Cirrhosis and cancer of the liver

*Metabolic syndrome


Fortunately, you can correct imbalances in bad bacteria by supplementing with “good” bacteria known as probiotics.  In fact, research is now suggesting that supplementing with a quality probiotic supplement every single day just may be even more important for your health and longevity than taking a daily multivitamin…..”

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    • thank you for the link – and yes, probiotics is always good to have

      Comment by Mamma Mia | June 4, 2013 | Reply

  5. Keep this going please, great job!

    Comment by prescription diet pills reviews | April 8, 2014 | Reply

  6. “Yes, the same chlorine that goes in swimming pools.” -> Chlorine atoms are in lots of things. Like NaCl, also known as table salt. For every atom of sodium you get from salt, you get an atom of Chlorine too!

    Comment by jobeus | November 6, 2014 | Reply

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